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We've designed, built &
managed some of the most
complex networks in the UK.


We have a range of products and solutions available to cover a variety of challenges.


Robert Hayward
Director of Business Development
Robert has over 20 years’ experience, in the IT and telecoms market, working in a number of senior roles across sales, marketing and alliances while operating and influencing at board level in domestic and international markets. He joined MLL Telecom in 2012 and has held several senior positions within the business and is now focused on leading the business development opportunities in the Service Provider space. Prior to his current role, Robert worked in executive positions in several Blue Chip companies including Mercury Communications, The Walt Disney Company, BT, Vodafone and his last role at Amdocs, where he held the role of Divisional Sales Director.
Dai Jones
Account Director
With more than 25 years’ experience in the telecoms industry, working with fixed and mobile technologies for vendors, suppliers and operators, Dai is focused on driving MLL’s relationships with long term partners as well as developing growth areas within the sector. Dai’s engineering background and market knowledge enables MLL to consistently provide high quality solutions to meet customer requirements in this dynamic sector.
Gavin Wilson
Programme Manager
Gavin is responsible for all programme delivery across MLL’s Service Provider sector for fixed and mobile telecoms operators. With over 20 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry, his excellent track record of building programme organisations, governance and communications has realised successful and efficient delivery for programmes with annual budgets of up to £70M.
Peter Oxtoby
Operations Director
Peter was the founder and Managing Director of telecoms infrastructure services company T. James Telecoms Ltd and has over 30 years’ experience in network infrastructure delivery. He has a proven history of establishing and growing excellent teams and customer relationships founded on care and satisfaction, with an emphasis on developing effective multi-disciplined teams and associated business processes to ensure efficient and fit for purpose delivery of the services required.


MLL Telecom brings connectivity to areas not currently covered by mobile or fixed networks, enabling operators, public sector organisations and service
providers to increase their reach. Our microwave radio and hybrid networks are a cost-effective, resilient and secure solution for maximising reach and deliver connectivity with reliability and quality of service that surpass traditional solutions, while reducing total cost of ownership.


The MLL Telecom Point to Point microwave radio service provides connectivity wherever there is line-of-sight between two end points.

Our carrier class service can be used to supply you with individual links or can be combined to create a wireless based network solution. It is available as a build only or fully managed service and can deliver from nx2Mb/s to multiple 1Gbit/s throughputs and above.

Our highly-skilled engineers combine planning and design capabilities to deliver networks with low-cost as a priority. We don’t stop at initial cost savings, but prefer to guarantee an optimum lifetime design every time.


MLL Telecom is a fully licensed operator with code system powers. This grants us the planning permissions we need to enable rapid wireless circuit deployments. We own wireless spectrum across the UK at 32GHz and 40GHz, which offers you interference-free Point-to-Point microwave radio services.

Using our own spectrum, we can quickly install Point-to-Point services without needing to wait for spectrum allocation from Ofcom and can even supply a microwave radio solution on a temporary basis to cover short term requirements such as festivals etc.

In addition to our own spectrum, alternative radio spectrum can be licensed and we also use light-licensed spectrum to solve some of our customer’s needs.


MLL Telecom is actively engaged within the industry working on the best scenarios for small cell backhaul networks, in order to meet customer requirements and equipment performance. As a specialist backhaul provider we believe our extensive networking experience, knowledge of technologies and planning, enables us to quickly generate an end to end solution.

MLL Telecom is a licensed code operator and owns spectrum in the 32GHz and 40GHz frequency range enabling us to deploy links swiftly without additional Ofcom costs. Our portfolio is diverse; we were involved in the UK’s earliest WiMAX trials, manage carrier class MPLS networks and are now at the forefront of small cell backhaul technology design.


Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) & Ethernet First Mile (EFM) services provide network links capable of carrying data, voice and video across multiple locations from speeds of 2Mbit/s to 1Gbit/s; offered as a managed service, it is delivered over a fixed term, usually 3 or 5 years against an Service Level Agreement (SLA) with all operational responsibility and capital equipment retained by MLL Telecom.

MLL Telecom rents floor and rack space from Openreach, who have designated it as a Multi User Area (MUA). This product is called Access Locate and it allows us to install our network equipment within a BT Exchange building. We then connect our DSLAMs, Routers and Switches to the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) in a BT exchange via a tie cable.

Connectivity between exchange sites is achieved using Openreach Ethernet Backhaul Direct (EBD) circuits and connectivity from the MDF to your Network Termination Equipment (NTE) is provided by Openreach Ethernet First mile circuits (EFM).

Project Management

Our Project Management service takes full responsibility for ensuring the successful delivery of your project from inception through to successful handover into in-life support. A dedicated Project Manager is assigned to act as your primary point of contact, ensuring all needs and requirements of the project are fully understood and that the team is managed and directed to ensure the project is successfully implemented.

Our well-established Project Management team has a strong track record of successfully delivering complex solutions on-time and within budget. They are supported by a dedicated Project Office and work to a set of in-house project management processes based around the best practice methodologies of PRINCE2 and PMI.

Network Design

Specialists in microwave radio networks, MLL Telecom has over 25 years experience designing mobile and fixed multivendor networks and links that deliver the best possible balance of performance, cost and delivery timescales.

MLL Telecom designs bespoke networks based on real world experience, not just relying on the theoretical technical specifications provided by manufacturers. This enables us to offer an independent view and understand all the possible options; we recognise that the optimum solution is not always available from a single source.

We are also technology agnostic giving you a completely independent view by not being aligned to any specific OEM or network operator. So we will always recommend the best equipment for the job.

Site Acquisition

Site Acquisition can be a complicated and challenging process. The aim of site acquisition is to remove all contractual (site provider) and statutory (Town & Country Planning) constraints for the Customer. Our Site Acquisition service can design and acquire rights to deploy equipment on existing infrastructure, build new sites or obtain temporary consents for particular functions.

Our specialist, in-house team understands local conditions and is fully qualified to obtain the required approvals quickly and efficiently.

The team has many years’ experience in Site Acquisition and are experts at removing barriers to equipment deployment. Particularly, they have developed innovative approaches to obtain Planning Authority and Site Provider co-operation to deliver sites quickly and cost effectively.

Network Operations Centre

At MLL Telecom, our fully resilient Network Operations Centre (NOC), in Marlow, is operated 24×7 by a team of highly qualified and accredited engineers who provide first, second and third line multivendor support. 90% of the time, we detect faults on the network before our customers.

If you have your own NOC but don’t want to build your own specialist expertise, our NOC can provide you with a range of bespoke supplementary services.

All our support activities follow best practice methodology to ensure provision of secure and continuous services. To this end, we have a comprehensive suite of Service Management processes built with ITIL framework guidance for best practice.

Field Maintenance

MLL Telecom has its own in-house field maintenance engineering team covering the UK. All our engineers have many years’ experience maintaining radio and IP networks, are certified and accredited to undertake interventions; either at ground level or at height, to diagnose and resolve on-site network problems.

The Field Engineering Team provide support services on copper, optical and radio networks and are accredited to work on multiple operator sites including: Arqiva, O2, EE, Vodafone, BT, WIG and EON. What’s more, the engineers have direct access to the expertise of a specialist network designer, and a technical support manager – a joined-up approach to fault management that keeps your down-time to a minimum.

Network Extender

A high speed wireless solution from MLL Telecom provides an excellent alternative to a wired connection in terms of cost and speed of delivery, enabling a network to be extended to areas previously not viable from an economic or logistic point of view.

A tactical radio solution delivering bandwidth up to 1Gbps provides a solution to deliver services to areas which do not have acceptable broadband connections.

MLL Telecom is also able to project manage the deployment ensuring the service is delivered as a coordinated program of work meeting the specific bespoke requirements that each delivery will require.

Site Enablement

Following your successful acquisition of a suitable new radio site, it is imperative to maximise your investment and get your new site carrying revenue generating traffic as soon as possible. No-one understands this more than MLL Telecom, who has a track record of delivering radio sites and links across the length and breadth of the UK.

MLL Telecom’s Enablement, Installation and Migration services for radio sites gives you the complete solution, ensuring your newly acquired site is completed on-time and as specified. Preparation is fundamental to success and this equally applies to the deployment of a new radio site. Our Site Enablement service ensures the site is fully prepared and built, ready for the installation of the new equipment.

Our highly-skilled engineers combine planning and design capabilities to deliver networks with low-cost as a priority. We don’t stop at initial cost savings, but prefer to guarantee an optimum lifetime design every time.


With over 25 years’ experience in the telecoms industry and with industry experts employed across the board, MLL Telecom is well placed to offer its expertise and advice to others. MLL Telecom can offer independent one-off advice, consult on bigger projects or complete network or business process reviews.