MLL Telecom connects first live customer to the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN)

MLL Telecom has connected Crescendo Systems Limited, a third party digital dictation and clinical records management systems firm to HSCN, making them the first organisation to gain access to the Health and Social Care Network.


“We were really pleased at how easy it was to migrate to HSCN. MLL’s engineering team worked very closely with NHS Digital and when we were ready to migrate over to HSCN, everything worked seamlessly. As a service provider to tens of thousands of NHS users it is imperative that we have reliable and uninterrupted access to the health and social care network to maintain the high levels of customer support we are renowned for.” John Bendall, Operations Director at Crescendo Systems.


MLL Telecom has achieved HSCN Stage 2 Compliance and has worked closely with NHS Digital throughout the process.

HSCN, which has been design and built by NHS Digital, is the successor to the N3 network and will connect the health and social care system through a highly reliable private network and security enhanced internet from a choice of suppliers.

It provides a reliable, efficient and flexible way for health and social care organisations to access and exchange patient records and other electronic information.

MLL has many further organisations due to go live on HSCN in the coming weeks.


Ian Wilcox, MLL’s Health Sector Business Development Director, said “The first live HSCN connection is the culmination of a well-run programme and should be seen as an exemplar for public/private sector engagement.

The approach has enabled NHS Digital’s clear objectives to be realised through an open dialogue, achieving a framework that does not create an insurmountable barrier for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to compete alongside the large telecoms firms for HSCN services, supporting the Government’s policy of increasing SME involvement in public sector contracts.”


Tom Denwood, Senior Responsible Owner for the HSCN Programme at NHS Digital, said: “HSCN represents a fantastic opportunity for health and social care integration right across the sector and will allow organisations to collaborate together more closely which will have a huge benefit for the NHS.”

It is a brilliant example of new technology meeting the demands of a modern and forward-thinking NHS.

The successful launch sends out the message that the Health and Social Care Network is now open for business and there are so many great benefits that organisations can take advantage of by signing up for the service.”


Dermot Ryan, Director of the HSCN Programme at NHS Digital, said: “The first connection to the new Health and Social Care Network is a critical milestone in the journey towards patient centred care. Fundamental to this success has been the excellent collaboration between the telecoms industry, customers and NHS Digital. “We now look forward to more organisations taking advantage of the innovation, cost savings and enhanced security capabilities of the network and to creating a thriving market for network services in health and social care.”

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