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MLL Telecom,a leading independent provider of ‘Secure Managed Network Services’, has been selected as one of the suppliers under the new UK Government’s Network Services framework agreement (RM1045), as announced by the Crown Commercial Service. 

“We are delighted that we can now expand our engagement within the Public Sector and offer customers a suite of communication solutions that are provisioned, managed and monitored in a simple and cost-effective way”, stated Isy Bizaoui, Business Development Director for MLL Telecom.

MLL Telecom is pioneering the development of converged ‘Fixed’ and ‘Wireless’ networks to create the ultimate communications environment. With a relentless focus on design MLL stands out in its ability to support the Network Services agreement in providing superior quality technology services with better value-for-money.

MLL Telecom’s services can be found under lots 1, “Data Access Services” and 10, “Integrated Communications”.


MLL career in IT.  The QA Microsoft IT Systems & Networking Apprenticeship 12-month programme combines nine training weeks from the local QA training centre, with long periods in the workplace and work-based modules including Principles of IT System and data security and Developing own effectiveness and professionalism.

While in the workplace Shane will be working closely with MLL Telecom’s IT department and the Network Operation Centre team with their daily functions, such as issuing support tickets, while increasing his business awareness and improving his tools and software knowledge.

 “We are excited to be able to offer this opportunity to a young apprentice, and are keen to see Shane’s energy and enthusiasm transform him into a valued employee with a breadth of knowledge and practical experience in his field”, reported Luke Pain, IT Engineer.

With desires to set up his own business in the future alongside a football career, Shane explains the attraction of the scheme: “One key benefit of completing this apprenticeship is to gain hands-on experience while increasing my technical knowledge.  I am keen to improve my communication and time management skills, as well as developing my IT capabilities.  I chose to work for MLL Telecom as it is a well-established company with a great Telecommunications background,” he adds. 

Telecom welcomed Shane Smith, 18 from High Wycombe into the company this week to help launch his

“This is a new approach for MLL Telecom and we are delighted to be working with Businesscoms in Norwich. The partnership was formed as part of our ongoing mission to deliver secure, cost-effective and high quality connectivity for the UK’s fast growing digital economy and fortifies our commitment to the region of East Anglia,” explains Gary Marven, CEO at MLL Telecom.

 MLL Telecom chose to partner with  Businesscoms as they have a track record of delivering savings and improvements for companies communications needs and are dedicated to pioneering a best-value approach; offering a large range of flexible solutions to meet all businesses’ communications needs. 

 “Now is an exciting time for Businesses throughout the UK, and in particular, the Norwich area”, comments Rob Baldacci, Director of Businesscoms.  “The ever-changing world of technology is allowing us to do more and reach further however we have always been held back by the infrastructure built.  It is like having a Ferrari but a dirt track to drive it down.  That is all changing and in the Norwich area we see an exciting opportunity for businesses to embrace an independent infrastructure that has been enjoyed by the public sector for a while.  This will allow both savings and efficiency improvements.”

 MLL Telecom has significant experience of providing high quality, high capacity, resilient Next Generation Network (NGN) services in East Anglia and currently supports over 600 sites for Suffolk County Council.

 MLL Telecom is now able to bring this wealth of experience to the businesses of the city by opening up high-capacity fibre infrastructure and using the best fibre and Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) access technologies to provide high quality managed services.

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SMEs make up 99.9% of the UK’s 4.5 million businesses and are a crucial engine for growth in this country.  Historically, SMEs were excluded from government business, meaning Public Sector bodies were not able to benefit from the best and most cost-effective ideas that SMEs are capable of delivering. The developments in 2015 in the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) procurement methods and new Network Services Framework facilitate a simpler participation process for smaller businesses in government tenders.

 “By opening up opportunities for SME suppliers we will stimulate growth and jobs, as well as giving government access to SMEs’ creativity and innovation”, states Chloe Smith MP, Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform (Federation of Small Businesses 2013).

Public sector bodies are beginning to realise the impact of previous procurement methods and are increasingly inclined to investigate the advantages of working with SMEs.  For an SME, there is a focus on delivery and development. This often means that a solution can be put in place more quickly and effectively by a smaller telecommunications company.

One of the principal benefits of working with SMEs in the telecommunications arena is the high level of customer service they offer.  A smaller, dedicated team with personal account managers often leads to more frequent customer contact and therefore the timely resolution of issues.  Focused engineering teams ensure the constant monitoring and improvement of the service.

SMEs are able to tailor their offerings to suit their various public sector customers and can therefore offer a specialised solution.  Expertise in certain areas can produce cost savings for public sector organisations.  “We know SMEs can offer customisation and flexibility and provide direct access to expertise and innovation, so where SMEs offer best value for money we want our customers to be contracting with them every time”, state CCS.  In the case of building networks, a hybrid approach to the design often results in the right mix of technology.  This approach is taken by specialist SMEs and can minimise cost and maximise performance.

Recent progression in the procurement services have led to the development of a new framework for telecommunications in 2015.  The Network Services Framework allows smaller businesses to compete with the incumbent suppliers, permitting government bodies to work with SMEs and potentially gain a prefered solution.  

Before the Network Services Framework is available to use (expected Mid 2015) there are other Frameworks that allow local public sector bodies to procure telecommunications services from SMEs, such as the PSN compliant Public Sector Telecoms Services Framework (Fabrick).  

MLL Telecom

MLL Telecom is looking to provide solutions through the Network Services Framework in 2015 and a full range of Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity services can currently be procured through the Public Sector Telecoms Services Framework.  MLL Telecom have 23 years experience working with the Public Sector and specialising in fixed line and wireless technologies.  As a CAS(T), ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified UK licenced Telco with CODE powers and its own national spectrum assets, MLL Telecom can provide cost effective and innovative service solutions to meet a wide range of customer requirements from simple broadband lines to complex networks.