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Network Innovation

Networks are our business. We have been designing, installing and maintaining them for many years. From complex solutions that cover a county to one off links that provide additional capacity we have the in-house resources to support your requirements.

One of the key differentiators of MLL Telecom is the fact that we not only recognise that 'one size' does not always fit all but we have the ability to offer a range of solutions that address different challenges. Microwave Radio, Fibre, Cable, whatever the best fit for the job, we can design and supply a solution that suits you, quickly and on budget.

As the industry continues to develop and the demand for capacity continues to increase, MLL Telecom is at the forefront of technology looking for innovative ways to help our customers respond to customer needs or solve an issue.

Through our expert design, planning and project management team you can be assured that no challenge will phase us but we will never be complacent.

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The UK Public Sector faces a variety of challenges ranging from centralised budget reductions for Local & Central Government to widespread reform in the structure and operation of Regional Health services. All of which mean that new ways of working and, more intelligent use of ICT technology, are growing demands for the sector in order to deliver the best value services that the public demand.

MLL Telecom has a long-standing track record of delivering innovation within the UK Public Sector, providing solutions and services to support business change and create greater cost efficiencies.

Our unique Hybrid approach utilising fixed line (copper and fibre) as well as radio (licensed or light licensed) services can maximise performance and minimise total cost of ownership. MLL Telecom is an OFCOM licenced telecommunications provider with CODE powers and operates its own UK wide Spectrum, as well as being an approved Openreach Communications Provider.

With experience across the UK in Local Government, Health, Education and the Emergency services, MLL Telecom Customers include Suffolk County Council, Gateshead Council, Brent PCT, University of Wales and Avon & Somerset Police.

MLL Telecom is a leading provider of Next Generation Network services in the public sector and is at the forefront of supporting the Cabinet Office Public Services Network (PSN) ambitions. In fact, MLL Telecom is one of the few companies with the skills and accreditations required to meet the security needs of PSN service delivery to IL2-2-4 and above and is unique in achieving CESG Assured Services for Telecommunications (CAS-T) for both fixed line and radio based WAN services.

MLL Telecom public sector services fall into 3 categories

1. Complex Services (including PSN)

2. Alternative Services (Utilising Radio were Fibre is too expensive)

3. Commodity Services (Simple WAN connectivity requirements)

MLL Telecom services can be purchased through the 2013 OJEU compliant Public Sector Telecoms Services Framework or National Education Telecoms Services Framework (ref. fab/telecoms/12) delivering best value and making procurement fast and legal.

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MLL Telecom has been delivering a full suite of microwave radio services since 1991. In a highly competitive marketplace, fixed operators are looking for that competitive edge to differentiate themselves from the competition. MLL Telecom is able to bring that competitive advantage by designing, installing, and supporting highly flexible, low risk, and aggressively priced microwave radio solutions to complement existing fixed-line infrastructure.

MLL Telecom provides innovative solutions to enable fixed operators to extend network reach cost effectively and with rapid deployment in difficult to reach locations where the provision of fixed-line infrastructure is prohibitive, from either a commercial or operational perspective. MLL Telecom continues to explore new markets and support UK plc by providing voice and data connectivity where fixed-line infrastructure is unfeasible.

From new developments with no existing telecoms infrastructure to solutions to augment existing fixed-line investment, MLL Telecom has the knowledge, experience, and flexibility to give you that competitive advantage.

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The Enterprise space is a fairly new market for MLL Telecom but an industry we are lucky enough to have in-house experts on. From Low Latency requirements for the Finance Sector to connectivity between branches or campuses, Microwave Radio has found a vibrant home.

We continue to develop our offering around this sector and deepen our knowledge and capabilities. What we do have is a team of dedicated individuals, a legacy of technological expertise and the willingness to work with you to find the solution to your challenges. Our pedigree speaks for itself, new markets and innovative solutions are what we do.

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